In my younger and more vulnerable years…

I fancied myself as a Leonadro Da Vinci. It is clear that from a tender age I mastered the art of ‘mirror-writing’ and this is evident in an old birthday card I must have made for somebody but never actually wrote their name on it or gave it to them. So precocious was I, that I mirrored the word happy, but missed out the second A in my own name.


All my love xxxx

How to sit on the bus

In the past week, I have got on a lot of buses. My favourite place to sit on the bus is the top at the front. I think that secretly that is everybody’s favourite place to sit if they’re on a bus ride that lasts longer than five minutes. I think this because I have noticed that of all the seats on the bus, the top of the front is the most difficult to attain. This is why I have an issue with couples like these:

Instead of taking up one set of seats like everybody else, they take up both sets of the top, front of the bus seats. It makes me sad when I venture up the bus steps hoping to be lucky enough to get one of these seats, and there is a couple sitting across from each other and ruining life for every other commuter.

Happy evenings everybody x

Click Farms

Today is the day I think the internet learned about the cruellest practice since bonsai kittens. I have received exclusive pictures of the sick practice of ‘click farms’. Situated in rural areas around the UK and South America, these farms force livestock such as sheep, cows, and pigs to work all day clicking ‘like’ on facebook pages. The farmers then keep the money they have made to build themselves mansions out of converted barns and new dungarees. This is an issue of national importance, as hundreds of thousands of animals across the UK have had their destiny of becoming butcher meat taken away from them, as they are now instead forced to spend their lives sat in front of a computer screen ‘liking’ company facebook pages. This is really bad for their eyes according to top veterinarian Adrian Chiles. Please help this stop. Spread the word, write to your local MP, especially if you live in the Lake District because apparently it’s really bad there. 



😉 Happy saturday.